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3 Things to Do if You Have Mold Growth

1/28/2019 (Permalink)

If you have mold, it's best to hire a mold remediation company to perform remediation services!

Most homeowners are concerned when they discover they have a mold problem—after all, mold can cause some health issues and structural damage if it’s left alone. While you should attempt to have mold growth addressed, there are certain steps you should take.

  1. Identify and rectify the water source. In order for mold to grow, it needs moisture. That’s why one of the most important steps you can take is to identify how the mold is getting moisture and take steps to stop it. Otherwise, any remediation work will eventually be undone when the mold grows back.

  1. Call a mold remediation company. Unless the mold is covering a small area, it’s best to call in professionals. In addition to performing proper remediation, a mold remediation company will set up a containment zone to ensure that mold spores do not spread to other, unaffected areas where growth could occur.

  1. Prevent future mold growth. The best way to avoid mold concerns is to take steps that prevent it from growing in the first place. In addition to immediately drying any visible moisture, it’s important to keep humidity levels low, allow air to circulate, and to keep temperatures cool when possible.

Mold can be a major nuisance, but with the proper steps, you can mitigate its impact and stop it from attacking your home. If you have mold growth in your home, call SERVPRO of Catawba County West today at (828) 322-4400!

Mold Q&A: How Did Mold Get in My Home?

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

Mold spores are everywhere, but they don't become a problem like this until there is plenty of moisture available.

For many homeowners, the last thing they expect to find is mold growing somewhere in their home. Especially if you don’t have much interaction with mold, this can be concerning and raise many questions. But how does mold get into your home, exactly? That’s what we’re here to explain.

How Did Mold Get in My Home?

The truth is one that most people don’t want to hear—mold has always been in your home. In fact, there are always at least a few spores everywhere, including your home. But because they are microscopic and are usually in low concentrations, they don’t cause problems.

Mold spores, however, can begin to grow once they come into contact with moisture. Once these spores mature, they will in turn release more spores, and the cycle will continue while food and moisture are present. As a result, this will lead to a higher concentration of spores, which is when you might notice health effects.

In order to avoid this growth, it’s essential that you keep your indoor humidity levels low and address any moisture issues!

Remediating Mold Growth

Mold growth can be an issue, but your local mold remediation company can make it “Like it never even happened.” If you have mold growth in your Hickory, NC home, call SERVPRO of Catawba County West at (828) 322-4400!

2 Tips to Prevent Mold Growth

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

This water damage would have encouraged mold growth if we hadn't made it "Like it never even happened!"

Mold is a problem in many homes in Catawba County. Because it can cause allergic reactions and structural damage, many homeowners want to get rid of mold growth as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can do to prevent it altogether!

  1. Immediately address water damage. Mold spores are virtually everywhere—both indoors and outdoors. But when these spores come into contact with moisture, that’s when they begin to activate and begin growing in the form of mold colonies. After having water damage, you need to dry it out quickly and efficiently. Depending on the type and amount of water, we recommend hiring a water damage restoration company for the best results.

  1. Regulate your indoor humidity levels. As we mentioned, moisture is one of the key factors in encouraging mold growth, but it does not have to come from water damage. In some cases, moisture from the air or condensation can fuel growth. That’s why it’s important to regulate your humidity. You can do this by allowing air to circulate, using a dehumidifier, or by lowering the temperature.

Mold can be a problem, but some steps can be taken to prevent it from becoming an issue. If you do have mold, however, you can contact our remediation experts at SERVPRO of Catawba County West at (828) 322-4400!

3 Myths About Mold

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

Despite what you might hear, black mold isn't toxic! In fact, it should not be feared more than any other species of mold.

Mold can cause problems, which is why homeowners try to have any growth treated as soon as possible. But there a lot of misconceptions about mold that circulate the internet, often leading to misinformed property owners. Fortunately, we’re going to clear a few of those myths right now.

Myth #1: Mold Can Be Removed From My Home

FACT: There are countless mold spores all around you—in and out of your home. Although some owners want the spores completely removed from their home, it is virtually impossible to remove them all—short of living in a bubble. Fortunately, mold only becomes a problem when they are activated by moisture, so only the active growth needs to be treated!

Myth #2: Black Mold is Toxic

FACT: Having been slated as toxic and downright dangerous, black mold has a nasty reputation that makes it feared among households. But the truth is that black mold is no more dangerous than any other species of mold. In fact, it’s nothing more than what its name entails: mold that happens to be black. This can describe a number of species, but even the most common culprit, Stachybotrys Chartarum, should be treated with the same regard as other mold species. If you have black mold, don’t panic and call your local mold remediation company!

Myth #3: Take-Home Mold Tests Will Tell Me if I Have Mold

FACT: Take-home mold tests might be convenient, but that comes at the cost of accuracy. While these tests will identify mold spore makeup in your home, they won’t tell you if you have a growth problem. Because mold spores are everywhere, you are getting readings on the spores, which may or may not pose a problem. For an accurate assessment, contact your local mold remediation company!

Learn About Mold from the Experts

If you have questions about possible or definite mold in your home, you should speak with your local mold remediation company. They have the knowledge and experience to help you assess the situation and give you the information you need. If you live in the Hickory, NC, you can call SERVPRO of Catawba County West at (828) 322-4400!

There’s Mold in My Home! What Do I Do?

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

Mold growth in your home might seem scary, but the problem can be dealt with quickly if you take things one step at a time!

Mold is the last thing anyone wants in their home, but many homeowners find growth at some point in their life. Naturally, the first thing you’ll want to do is remove it from your home, but it’s important to remain calm and take things a step at a time.

Why is Mold in My Home?

Before you make any attempts to remove the mold, it’s extremely important that you understand why you have mold growth to begin with. We’ve found that many homeowners will take measures to stop the growth, only to have it grow back later; that’s why you have to address the source first.

Mold grows and feeds on organic material, but it needs moisture to grow. Most people think that mold will only grow after heavy water damages like flooding or burst pipes, but believe it or not, high humidity can also be the cause. Ensure that any water damage has been properly dried, run a dehumidifier if necessary, and allow air to circulate.

How Do I Get Rid of Mold?

Once you’ve addressed the mold growth’s source, you’ll be ready to address the growth. Depending on the size of the growth, you may be able to handle it yourself.

If the mold only covers a very small area, you can easily clean it on your own. Go to your local hardware store and purchase an antimicrobial spray. Apply the spray to a cloth or paper towel and wipe away the affected area. That should do the trick!

If the mold growth is aggressive and covers a larger area, it’s highly recommended that you call a mold remediation company. This company will set up a containment area to keep the mold spores isolated and treat the affected area and contents (or remove them with the owner’s permission, depending on the extent of the damage). A test may also be conducted to ensure that the spore count is down to the appropriate levels.

If you live in the Hickory, NC area, and you have mold, know that SERVPRO of Catawba County West has certified mold remediation specialists to help you make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at 828-322-4400!

Mold Q & A: Is Black Mold Toxic?

9/11/2018 (Permalink)

Black mold may seem scary, but that's because of false information and scare tactics! Black mold is not toxic or dangerous!

We’ve all heard it before: black mold is dangerous, black mold will make you sick, etc. But is there any truth to these statements? The problem is that in recent years, black mold has been the target of false information and conspiracies both in the news and in online circles. In fact, even some professional companies seem to be missing the facts when it comes to black mold.

Is Black Mold Toxic and/or Dangerous?

The truth is that black mold is no more dangerous than any other species of mold.

First, according to the CDC and other reputable organizations, no known species of mold is toxic, black or otherwise. That’s why we can confidently tell you that black mold is not toxic (or mold in general).

Second, there are many species of mold, and many of them happen to be black. In fact, some species can be different colors (including black) depending on certain factors at play. So simply saying “black mold” does not indicate a particular species. The species most commonly associated with black mold—stachybotrys chartarum—does create byproducts known as “mycotoxins,” but there are many other such species. Even so, these species are no more dangerous than any other species.

Third, reactions to mold are generally akin to the way people have reactions to pollen and other allergens, particularly in the way that two people can have very different reactions (or none at all) to the same species of mold. So while a person may have an allergic reaction to a species of mold that happens to be black, it is not a reflection of the mold’s actual color.

The point is that there’s a lot about mold that gets left out or is misconstrued. Regardless, mold growth can be a nuisance that is generally best taken care of—black, green, white, or any color.

What to Do if Your Home has Mold Growth

3/27/2018 (Permalink)

If mold is treated quickly, it can spread throughout an entire home. The above home had to be gutted completely.

Your home is your safe haven, so when mold invades your space, it can make you uncomfortable. Whether you’re concerned about your health or your home’s structural soundness, there are multiple reasons why you might want the pesky fungus out of your living quarters. While it's impossible to actually remove all traces of mold, if you discover that your home is affected by mold growth, there are a few things you can do to take care of the issue.

  • Consult your physician (if necessary.) Mold growth can cause health effects, so many people get concerned with how it might affect them. If you have had any health issues that you are concerned about, please consult your doctor and let them know you have identified mold in your home.
  • Identify and remove the source. If you discover mold in your home, it’s likely because of moisture. Check for leaks in your roof or wall and lower the home’s humidity. If there are gaps around doors or windows, use caulk to seal those spaces. Without moisture, mold’s growth is hindered.
  • “Remove” the mold. Ideally, you’ll want to contact a trustworthy mold-removal company. They will have the tools and expertise to remove and treat hidden and visibly affected areas. At the end, they will offer a before-and-after assessment to prove mold counts have dropped to normal levels. 
  • Prevent future growths. Once the affected areas have been removed, you will want to make sure growth doesn’t start again. Control your home’s humidity when possible and ensure there aren’t any ways excess moisture can enter your home. If you have any major water damage, contact your local disaster restoration company for help; they will take steps to make sure mold doesn’t grow in your home again!

You don’t have to panic when you find mold growing in your home. If you take the necessary steps to cut off its food source and remove the areas that are already infested, you’ll be able to restore peace and help prevent it from happening again.

3 Signs That You Might Have Mold Growing in Your Home

1/9/2018 (Permalink)

One of the most obvious indicators your home has mold growth is you can visibly see it. Don't ignore the signs!

The harsh reality is that mold is everywhere—indoors and outdoors. But that doesn’t mean it needs to take up residence in your home. While it’s important to treat mold growth as soon as you notice it, how do you know it’s happening on your property?

  • You see it. While this seems like an obvious sign, many homeowners have seen signs of mold growth without realizing what they were actually looking at. For example, some spores are so small they resemble dirt. Don’t assume that all molds look the same!

  • Your home smells musty. Mold needs moisture to grow, which is why a mold-infested house smells musty. In many cases, since mold is not always in visible areas, this smell will be the only indication you will have!

  • You’ve recently had a leak or similar water problem. If you’ve had any kind of water damage, your home is at high risk of having mold growth. Even when you think you’ve dried up any puddles or wet spots, water can be absorbed into walls and other porous materials. Because of this, mold can grow undetected until it becomes a major problem.

If you have any of these indicators, you should have a mold inspector visit your home. Their tests will be able to determine if you have a growth problem. If you do, be sure to call a mitigation and restoration company to help you take your home back.

Be Wary of Mold Following the Storm in Hickory, NC

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

In this Hickory home, mold has grown on the wall just above the floor molding.

After the storm on Monday, many in Hickory, NC have damaged homes and property. Because of the heavy rains, most of the damaged properties are at high risk for mold.

Mold and fungal spores occur naturally outdoors, with fungi being one of the Earth’s most important recyclers. In general, mold will not grow indoors; it becomes a problem only where there is water damage, elevated and prolonged humidity, or dampness.

Fortunately, indoor mold growth can be prevented after storm damage (or stopped, if it has already begun to grow); the key is to control and remove excessive moisture and condensation. In general, mold will not grow indoors without water, dampness or excessive moisture, so it’s imperative that you keep susceptible areas in the home clean and dry following a storm.

In the case of floods, any standing water should be promptly removed, and water-damaged materials should be either dried out and cleaned or removed and replaced. Porous materials that are wet for more than 48 hours are likely to produce mold growth and should be discarded.

In instances where the water damage is extensive, it is strongly recommended that you consult professional help in Hickory, such as a commercial restoration company. The earlier they are called, the faster they can stop the mold from spreading and reduce counts to normal levels.

Mold Damage Inside The Walls Of Your Fairgrove Home

10/17/2017 (Permalink)

When you are dealing with mold growth in your home in Fairgrove, you need to check for mold on the inside of your walls as well.

Mold Damage Inside Your Walls

When you are dealing with mold growth in your home in Fairgrove, you need to check for mold on the inside of your walls as well. It is quite common, when the mold is on the outside of your walls, that it is growing on the inside as well. If you do not remove this mold, there is no point in getting rid of the rest of the issue, as it just keeps growing and spreading.

You should suspect mold and mold damage in the walls of your Fairgrove home if there is much mold already on the outside of your walls, there has been flooding, or other significant water damage in your home or a musty odor is present in the room, but no mold is visible. For assistance in finding and getting rid of the mold, it is best to call the professionals at SERVPRO. We are fully trained and certified to take care of your mold damage and whatever is causing it.

It's essential that you contact us as soon as you realize you have a mold growth problem, as mold may cause health concerns for you and your family. Understand that moisture is the key to mold helps you to realize why you have the mold. Any water damage in your home must be dried up very quickly since mold can grow in just 24 to 48 hours. Our technicians’ jobs are to fix the problem which started the mold growth and dry your home out as soon as possible.

SERVPRO staff follows EPA Mold Remediation Guidelines which provide a flowchart of steps for mold remediation. Upon their suggestions, we clean and dry moldy materials first, discard any moldy materials which cannot be cleaned, and then dry any remaining non-moldy items within 48 hours.

When you contact SERVPRO of Catawba County West to handle your mold problem inside your walls, you can rest easy in knowing we take care of the problem thoroughly. If you reside in the areas of St. Stephens, Sweetwater, or Brookford, you can call us at (828) 322-4400 anytime you need.

To learn more about the city of Fairgrove click here.

Detecting And Removing Mold Damage In Sweetwater Homes

8/23/2017 (Permalink)

Mold growth can occur anywhere in the house.

Detecting And Removing Mold Damage

Mold growth can occur anywhere in the house, including closets. When moisture accumulates in the closet, it can become a breeding ground for mold. In addition to moisture, mold requires pleasant temperatures, food, and mold spores to grow. Any mold damage removal process involves removing these items to prohibit growth. If all other requirements apart from food are met, virtually any substance that contains carbon atoms can provide the essential nutrients for mold growth. Even the soap residue that is left behind after a good cleaning, or the oil from your skin when you touch a surface such as stainless steel can provide sufficient nutrients for certain mold growth. In fact, most of the common materials found in homes such as organic fibers, paper, and wood are among the best sources of mold nutrients.

As such, eliminating mold from your house is almost impossible. If you notice the presence of mold or mildew on your property, contact SERVPRO immediately for mold damage remediation services in your Sweetwater home. Our IICRC-approved technicians can apply effective products to counter the mold damage and restore your property to preloss conditions.

How To Identify Mold And Mildew
SERVPRO has different methods of dealing with mold and mildew – two types of fungi with very similar characteristics. They are a prominent sign of water damage, they thrive in damp and humid areas, but both can affect you and your home differently. Their main source of food is organic materials such as plants, wood, drywall, and soil.

Given enough time, mold can cause serious mold damage to your home, resulting in structural components rotting and falling apart. Mold can be recognized by their slimy or fuzzy appearance, while mildew is noticeably downy or powdery. Immature powdery mildew looks whitish, but changes to yellow and then black on maturity. Downy mildew appears yellow at first, and then later on changes to brownish yellow.

Mold Growth Removal
The easiest way to identify early mold damage is by the presence of irregularly shaped spots with different colors – white, black, gray, brown, yellow, green, and even blue. Since mold and mildew prefer humid environments, SERVPRO takes effective measures to keep your home dry. Once you contact us, our technicians can repair any existing water leaks and reduce the relative humidity to 30-50 percent. Avoid DIY solutions that claim to fight against mold, as the removal process can be hazardous to your health.

If mold growth has taken over your house, SERVPRO of Catawba County West is readily available to provide swift mold damage remediation services. Call us today at (828) 322-4400.

Visit,_Clay_County,_North_Carolina for more information about the city of Sweetwater.

Recover From Mold Damage Affecting Your Sweetwater Home

4/20/2017 (Permalink)

Moisture and Mold Remediation Go in Tandem in Sweetwater Homes, Call SERVPRO for Help

Water Leaks Lead to Mold Damage—Call SERVPRO

After an incident involving water strikes your home, you should seek expert mold remediation services. Done right, these services help get mold groth in your home under control while also assisting with the prevention of future contamination.  
If you have found in your Sweetwater mold damage or the signs of mold growing, seek help immediately. Any number of events that occur on your property over time can provide microscopic mold spores with the perfect environment to thrive.  
Have expertly trained SERVPRO technicians inspect portions of your home, regularly, this includes checking your roof for leaks and inspecting your attic for issues related to insulation and ventilation. Doing so helps avoid excessive moisture buildup that allows mold growth and causes major issues that affect your indoor air quality.
SERVPRO has responded to calls where a single leaky window lead to mold growth hidden inside of a homeowner’s walls that noone could even see, until it was far too late. The same goes for leaky plumbing fixtures, appliances, and drainage pipes that run throughout your home.  
SERVPRO technicians can locate pockets of moisture hidden in your walls using infrared moisture detectors, remove existing water, and perform the repairs you need to get things under control quickly. Our IICRC certified technicians also offer a variety of recommendations to assist with prevention to help keep your family safe.
Almost every room in your home is susceptible to mold damage. Whether it is danger from outdoor exposure or problems that arise due to a broken appliance, making the right decisions after an event occurs means the difference between recovering quickly or facing severe damage to your home.
Keep an eye on your laundry room, kitchen, basement, bathroom, attic, roof, as well as your yard. Poor grading, or improper landscaping can lead to extensive problems with your plumbing and drainage that are important tools necessary to help you avoid disaster.
Contact SERVPRO of Catawba County West today for a full list of services available or to get the help you need to quickly and efficiently restore your property to a quality pre-mold damage condition. (828) 322-4400

Formulating a Plan of Action for Mold Damage in Sweetwater Homes

3/1/2017 (Permalink)

Make sure that any signs of mold are properly tested. Call SERVPRO for a quick reply and investigation.

SERVPRO Can Quickly Stop the Spread of Mold in Your Home

After a mold damage remediation team has been called out to a home, there is a lot of action and activity. It can feel a little daunting for customers, but our technicians are on hand to answer any questions.

It is important that repair work gets started quickly because every day without treatment is another day for the mold spores to spread. When dealing with mold damage in Sweetwater homes, we establish a comprehensive schedule for drying and neutralization.

Keep reading to learn about the checks and controls which SERVPRO uses to ensure success, every time.

Working with the Experts

While mold and water damage are very closely related, mold is much harder to remediate. It often requires independent assessment from an outside source. It is not always necessary, but if we do need to consult a mold specialist, the service is an integrated part of our restoration package. All independent experts are fully qualified and accredited.

Searching for Hidden Spores

If there are complicating factors (the damage is extensive or partially concealed), we may need to extend our initial inspection. SERVPRO does not start the drying and restoration process until it is confident that it has detected all sources of moisture. If leaks and intrusions do not get fully repaired, the mold is likely to return, so thoroughness is important.

Repairing the Intrusion Point

The first step is eliminating excess moisture with the use of dehumidifiers, fans, and air scrubbers. Once our tests produce negative readings for water intrusion, we can think about cleaning and disinfect affected surfaces. If the problem is a product of intruding rainwater, the technicians might water test the building envelope. If it is related to a faulty HVAC system, they can find the breach and suggest a solution.

Following Up with Inspections

The thing to remember about mold is that it cannot be made to vanish in the same way as moisture. The spores get neutralized, but they have the potential to reappear if conditions are not kept very clean and dry. Depending on the type of building and severity of the mold, SERVPRO may wish to schedule follow-up inspections. They are designed to ensure that mold patches are not reoccurring and that you know how to deal with future leaks in the right way.

If you need more information on the mold remediation process, get in touch with SERVPRO of Catawba County West. We are a locally based company, and you can count on our technicians for a fast response. Call us 24/7 on (828) 322-4400.

DIY or Calling A Professional Mold Remediation in Sweetwater- Help Deciding Which Is Best!

1/20/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Removes Mold from HVAC Systems in Sweetwater

The Safe Option Is to Always Call SERVPRO

Facing a mold situation in your home and trying to decide whether you should attempt to perform the repairs yourself or call in a professional? Here is some helpful information to help you choose.

The size of the problem and the amount of mold damage that exists in your Sweetwater home has a severe impact on whether you should try performing repairs yourself. If the moldy area is less than 10 square feet, it may be possible for you to conduct the mediation.
However, if you face an infected area that is larger than ten sq ft, you should consider hiring a contractor like SERVPRO to perform the mold damage restoration. Regardless of whom you choose, they should be skilled in using EPA, ACGIH, and other governmental organizational guidelines when handling a mold infestation.
If you think that your ventilation system is contaminated, or if it identifies as the moisture source for your infestation, you should avoid running your HVAC system and contact professionally trained technicians to handle the situation. Without a call to a company like SERVPRO, you could spread mold throughout the building, exposing other previously uncontaminated areas to the infestation.
When your mold damage situation is the result of sewage or flood water intrusion, you need to contact a professional company to perform the services you require; this will help you and the occupants of your home avoid possible hazards that may exist. You are welcome to contact our expertly trained staff at SERVPRO for answers to any of your questions before requesting service.
Meanwhile, if you insist on performing your remediation yourself, you should know the proper steps to take to address the issues that you may face.
1.) Ensure your safety and the safety of any occupants of your property by turning off the electricity to the affected area.
2.) Locate and repair the source of moisture involved in your situation.
3.) Properly contain the affected area from the rest of the building before beginning work.
4.) Scrub any mold found on hard surfaces with water, detergent combination and thoroughly dry the area after cleaning.
5.) Handle the removal and disposal of heavily infected absorbent or porous materials appropriately.
6.) Avoid exposing yourself or others to mold by wearing the appropriate protective equipment.
7.) Make sure that you clean all surfaces before applying paint or caulking.
8.) If you are unsure about the appropriate way to clean an item, or if you have a sentimental item you want to recover safely, contact a professional service immediately. After reading this list, and considering the difficulties involved with mold remediation, call us for help.
Contact SERVPRO of Catawba County West. (828) 322-4400

Key Indicators that Hint at Black Mold Growth

10/5/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Can Remediate and Secure a Ridgeview Property from Mold

This Mold Is Remediated by SERVPRO

All types of mold can potentially be dangerous or cause health effects, but the most dangerous type, "black mold" or "toxic mold," often presents a much higher risk than other types of mold. In addition to causing damage to your home and being equally as difficult to remove as other types of mold, the black mold may cause health effects in a much wider portion of the population than other types of mold. Plus, it's also one of the most common types of mold found in American homes, and thus is a very real possibility in your home. Although you should call us as soon as you find signs of any type of mold growth in your home, you should also be able to recognize these key indicators of riskier black mold.
One of the most important indicators of black mold damage in Ridgeview is its color. Black mold is, as the name implies, a black or dark green/brown color in most cases, and is easily seen on most surfaces. Some colonies may look like fire damaged regions despite a lack of fire. However, there are also some more benign molds that can appear this way, so you shouldn't always jump to conclusions.
Health Effects and Issues
Black mold may cause health effects for some people. Although all types of mold can potentially cause health effects for some people, if many people are experiencing them, this may be a sign of black mold growing in the home. Even pets may exhibit health effects. The release of mycotoxins can begin this chain reaction. It must be pointed out that black mold has taken on an exaggerated reputation for being deadly. This is NOT the case. The very young, old and immunologically challenged individuals are more susceptible to adverse effects from many organisms in nature.
Typically, black mold will emit an unusually strong odor, filling the air with a foul and musty smell. This odor is often key in identifying mold colonies hidden behind walls, floors, or ceilings, but can also be a sign of the proximity of the mold growth.

SERVPRO of Catawba County West has the experience, tools, and knowledge to deal with all types of mold damage, even black mold. If you've detected any kind of mold growing in your home, or would like an inspection, call us right away at (828) 322-4400.

Why You Should Seek Professional Mold Remediation Services

10/15/2015 (Permalink)

Don't Get Caught in a Corner with Mold, Call SERVPRO

For Mold Remediation, Call SERVPRO

As a homeowner you know the presence of mold in your residential property in Viewmont can pose a number of problems. Two of the main problems include susceptibility to structural damage and health hazards. Unfortunately, what begins as a minor mold issue can quickly evolve into a huge problem within a very short period. For this reason, it's important for you to consider hiring a professional mold remediation service like SERVPRO.

Hiring a Professional Mold Remediation Services

Often, homeowners who find themselves grappling with a mold infestation want to complete a DIY project to eliminate the problem. Not so fast. First, some household molds that plague your property in Viewmont can be toxic. You need experience, knowledge, safety gear, and equipment required to safely and properly remediate a mold infestation. Second, if you do not use the proper techniques for the mold remediation process, you could end up causing the spores to spread to more areas of your property. Did you turn off your HVAC unit to prevent spores from being dispersed throughout your house?

Can You Clean The Mold Yourself?
You may be able to clean up some of the molds as long as you conform to the mold remediation rules and regulations. However, larger areas of mold infestation should be left to the professionals. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you should contact a professional company like SERVPRO when the mold infestation covers more than 10 square feet or access for treatment is difficult or impossible. Our mold remediation professionals possess the equipment, expertise, and experience necessary to deal with all issues for the mold remediation process. If you attempt to clean extensive regions of mold on your own, you will likely end up spreading spores and creating damage. Can you use equipment to create negative air pressure to prevent mold spores from spreading during clean up?

When Should You Call SERVPRO? The answer is "almost always."  Allowing one of our experts to come to your home for an assessment and inspection will at least provide you with peace of mind if no major issue appears. If mold remediation is necessary on a professional level, we can offer you our services in a fair manner.

SERVPRO is an excellent, expedient mold remediation company with over 55 years of industry experience. We have earned a good reputation by staffing and training specialists, offering 24/7 emergency services, and outstanding customer service. We can help with mold remediation for your Viewmont property.

Locally Owned, with National Resources

We live and work in Viewmont too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Catawba County West is close by and ready to respond to your mold damage emergency in Viewmont, Mountainview, or Longview. Call us for an immediate response. (828) 322-4400