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Out-Of-Shape Gutters Can Force Rain Into Your Home, And Water Removal Is The Answer In Hickory

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Out-Of-Shape Gutters Can Force Rain Into Your Home, And Water Removal Is The Answer In Hickory Residences that have gutter problems may not realize there is a problem right away, but water removal can help rectify any damage.

Water Removal Is The Answer When Dealing With Out-Of-Shape Gutters

Your home has gutters to catch rainfall coming off your roof so that the water can be diverted away from your home. Water that splashes down the sides of your home, or puddles around the foundation, is capable of creating expensive problems. These situations can be caused by bent gutters, or by debris left behind by trees or animals.

Hickory residences that have gutter problems may not realize there is a problem right away, but water removal can help rectify any damage and also help prevent more damage in the future. SERVPRO's technicians are trained in how to perform water removal services. While overflowing gutters may not be as dramatic-looking as an overflowing basin, water can become trapped inside the walls, hidden from your sight. However, when water exits downspouts that have been placed too closely to your home, this water has much higher visibility – accumulating on both your lawn and on the slab inside your home.

Preventing this from happening is often as simple as a little bit of seasonal maintenance, but many times this is overlooked simply because of a busy lifestyle full of pressing obligations. When this is the case, your home needs the skills and experience provided by SERVPRO. We can remove any amount of water, either standing water where it has pooled, or water that has seeped into your home's structure and may be ruining your home from the inside out.

The methods we utilize include removing standing water, saturation, dampness, and elevated humidity. All of these can damage your home and the treasured possessions inside. For areas that are porous but retain moisture once wet, such as floorboards, we employ the use of heated mats that help extract the excess moisture from crevices and hard but porous materials. With this method, floorboards are much less likely to swell and warp, which, along with cracking and splitting, are very common with hardwood floors. When underlay has this problem, it can affect any flooring laid on top. Water removal does not solve the initial problem alone but also provides the protection your home needs from future damage. Mold, for instance, only requires a slight elevation above normal humidity levels to begin flourishing where it otherwise would have remained at acceptable levels.

To find out more about how water removal can help provide the protection your home deserves, call the experts at SERVPRO of Catawba County West. We are ready to take your call when you need us most, regardless of when that may be. Our number, (828) 322-4400, is local, as are we.

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Tangible Benefits Of SERVPRO Mitigation Services In Mountainview

5/3/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Tangible Benefits Of SERVPRO Mitigation Services In Mountainview Perhaps the most significant benefit of SERVPRO mitigation services for Mountainview residents with flood damage is their effect on cost.

Advantages Of Mitigation Services

All SERVPRO locations nationwide pursue a strategy of mitigation, in which we arrive in as little time as possible to a job site. Our technicians arrive at your home within four hours of your call, an industry-leading time. Once there, they begin to set up various machines, evaluate the extent of damage, and attempt to locate its source (for clean water floods). There are multiple benefits to this strategy, and its successful implementation has allowed our franchise to blossom into the national presence it has today.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of SERVPRO mitigation services for Mountainview residents with flood damage is their effect on cost. We commonly have operating expenses and fees far lower than competitors, and central to this is our mitigation approach. When we arrive early and start services immediately, we can prevent some of the deepest and most severe damage from happening in the first place. These services are particularly notable for flood damage, where standing water has the potential to seep into foundations and wreak havoc on your home's structure. When we arrive within hours with proper water extraction and evaluation tools, these hardy damage sources are taken out of the picture completely.

Duration Of Services
The second major boon incurred through our mitigation services comes in the form of time spent on the job. Faster restorations are better for all parties involved, and mitigation helps speed up the process by days or even weeks. As aforementioned, our mitigation strategy is designed to eliminate some of the hardiest damage types, and these often require the most time and effort to remove. The more superficial the damage, the better, and you should be able to live in your home comfortably in no time.

SERVPRO of Catawba County West is a locally-owned restoration company with national resources and backing. Call us as soon as you find damage to your home at (828) 322-4400.

Recover From Mold Damage Affecting Your Sweetwater Home

4/20/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Recover From Mold Damage Affecting Your Sweetwater Home Moisture and Mold Remediation Go in Tandem in Sweetwater Homes, Call SERVPRO for Help

Water Leaks Lead to Mold Damage—Call SERVPRO

After an incident involving water strikes your home, you should seek expert mold remediation services. Done right, these services help get mold groth in your home under control while also assisting with the prevention of future contamination.  
If you have found in your Sweetwater mold damage or the signs of mold growing, seek help immediately. Any number of events that occur on your property over time can provide microscopic mold spores with the perfect environment to thrive.  
Have expertly trained SERVPRO technicians inspect portions of your home, regularly, this includes checking your roof for leaks and inspecting your attic for issues related to insulation and ventilation. Doing so helps avoid excessive moisture buildup that allows mold growth and causes major issues that affect your indoor air quality.
SERVPRO has responded to calls where a single leaky window lead to mold growth hidden inside of a homeowner’s walls that noone could even see, until it was far too late. The same goes for leaky plumbing fixtures, appliances, and drainage pipes that run throughout your home.  
SERVPRO technicians can locate pockets of moisture hidden in your walls using infrared moisture detectors, remove existing water, and perform the repairs you need to get things under control quickly. Our IICRC certified technicians also offer a variety of recommendations to assist with prevention to help keep your family safe.
Almost every room in your home is susceptible to mold damage. Whether it is danger from outdoor exposure or problems that arise due to a broken appliance, making the right decisions after an event occurs means the difference between recovering quickly or facing severe damage to your home.
Keep an eye on your laundry room, kitchen, basement, bathroom, attic, roof, as well as your yard. Poor grading, or improper landscaping can lead to extensive problems with your plumbing and drainage that are important tools necessary to help you avoid disaster.
Contact SERVPRO of Catawba County West today for a full list of services available or to get the help you need to quickly and efficiently restore your property to a quality pre-mold damage condition. (828) 322-4400

What to Do When Deep Fat Frying Causes Fire Damage in Brookford Homes

4/5/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What to Do When Deep Fat Frying Causes Fire Damage in Brookford Homes Brookford Smoke & Fire Damage Needs Professional Clean Up--Call SERVPRO

Cleaning Up Smoke Odors and Damage Is a SERVPRO High Priority for Your Home

Many homeowners in Brookford own a deep fat fryer or are used to cooking ingredients at high temperatures, with lots of oil. Whether your vice is doughnuts, fries, chicken, or crispy fish, it is important to do it right. Deep fat fryers are a common cause of residential fires because hot oil is a danger.

When it is heated up, it starts to move erratically, and it can stick to surfaces and ignite. This type of fire damage in Brookford homes burns hot and fast, and it can be difficult to extinguish. It has been known to cause severe destruction, but the good news is that SERVPRO can help with cleanup and repairs. Keep reading to find out how our team deals with kitchen fires caused by hot grease and cooking fat.

The first step is to open all windows and doors in the kitchen. It encourages the flow of clean air and creates an environment which is safe for work. Be careful to keep the kitchen isolated from the remainder of the home to reduce smoke circulation. If your kitchen is in a basement and does not have any windows, call SERVPRO fast.

Mild to moderate pan fires tend to burn directly upwards. Therefore, when a fire gets extinguished quickly, the charred materials are usually restricted to a small area (a column around the cooker). The rest of the room may not burn, but it is likely to be covered in thick, greasy soot. SERVPRO removes all burnt items (oven door, cabinet doors, and damaged sections of flooring).

The tricky thing about kitchen fires is that they produce an oily type of soot. It cannot be dry-wiped from surfaces as it smears upon contact. The best method is to use a high alkali detergent and controlled amounts of water. Cleaning chemicals thin some paints, so it may be necessary to redecorate sections of the wall afterward. This can get real messy, save efforts and money by calling in SERVPRO to mitigate the damages.

While the walls are being cleaned, and we have found replacements for the damaged items, SERVPRO turns to the issue of odor. Grease and cooking oils have a distinct smell, and it is very unpleasant after a fire. It is not enough just to ventilate. Generally, deodorization is required. We install ozone generating machines if the house is vacated, or hydroxyl generators, if not, to capture and transform the smoke and soot particles. Thermal fogging, and HVAC system cleaning may also be needed to finish the service.

At SERVPRO of Catawba County West, we deal with kitchen fires on a regular basis. We understand how much damage they can cause and know that affected homes need lots of expert help. If you live in the Brookford area and need fast repairs, call us 24/7 at (828) 322-4400.

Fast Response to Water Damage Crucial to Area’s Electronic Industry

3/24/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Fast Response to Water Damage Crucial to Area’s Electronic Industry Regardless of the type of cables used, electronics don't do well when submerged in water. Call SERVPRO for quick remediation.

SERVPRO Has Experience When Dealing with Water Damaged Electronic Components

Roughly 40 percent of the world’s fiber optic cable is manufactured in our area. Two major data centers also call Western North Carolina home. Cutting edge industries like these need a reliable solution to the query, “Is there a water damage company near me up to the challenge of handling issues in our plant?” SERVPRO answers in the affirmative.
Industries change, but the new companies still need high-quality commercial water damage restoration services in the Hickory area. Our technicians are ahead of the curve, receiving specialized training for the unique circumstances surrounding water damage in the electronics sector. If your plant was in the path of torrential rains or flooding, your first call to us results in a team of commercial water damage experts arriving as soon as possible.
The initial focus once our crew sets up onsite is safely removing any electrical hazards at your site. Breaker panels and backup generator or batteries must also be reviewed as well as the obvious unplugging of equipment. Standing water will be pumped out and extractors used to remove moisture that evades the pumps. Absorbent material wipes up water on the electronic surfaces. Water vapor reduces in critical areas after we determine a drying goal or goals and move air movers and dehumidifiers into the affected building. No plant is too large for our efforts as we call upon other SERVPRO franchises, if necessary, for additional equipment or technicians. We scale up our response quickly by calling on our network of water damage specialists.
We often use gentle heat when responding to an electronics water damage disaster as it is crucial to prevent your machines and computers from cooling below the dew point. Holding the temperature to a proper level avoids condensation that ruins the internal workings of electronics. A move out of some items can be indicated to control the balance of temperature and humidity more efficiently. Any articles removed are inventoried.
Electronic water damage situations often result in us working with other contractors. We pledge to collaborate purposefully with any specialized electronic recovery firms to deliver to you the very best outcome. SERVPRO also helps you preserve and detail the evidence for your insurance carrier to be certain your out of pocket expense is limited.
SERVPRO of Catawba County West takes pride in responding to the needs of our changing economy and the industries now in our region of West Central North Carolina. When leaking or flooding puts your electronic firm at risk, call us at (828) 322-4400.

Preparing Your Home for a Flood in Fairgrove

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Preparing Your Home for a Flood in Fairgrove It is imperative to take out Flood Insurance if you live in an area prone to flooding.

SERVPRO Technicians are Standing By to Help with Your Flooding Event

When your home sustains flood damage after natural disasters like floods and heavy storms, it is important that you address the situation as soon as you can with proper water damage restoration services from SERVPRO, so your home is restored to its condition preloss. When flood cleanup is not done in a reasonable time, mold sets in and causes unpleasant and disturbing odors and health problems. Every water damage restoration project is different and has its issues. However, the general idea for flood repair jobs to be successful is complete and thorough drying before any attempted rebuilding.
Mitigation Tips for Flood Damage
As a homeowner, you must be aware of how to protect your Fairgrove home during a flood to minimize flood damage. Depending on the flood risks for your area, there are different options you should consider, some of which are simple to implement and are not expensive, while others might need SERVPRO to come in and help you. Installing drainage systems, sealing low windows, elevating buildings or moving them away from flood plains, building flood walls and levees, are all things you can consider. While weighing your options, remember that some methods require building permits. Flood damage could be inevitable in some situations. However, you can mitigate and manage the effects of flooding by using protective measures.
Making Sure Electric Outlets and Switches are Above Projected Flood Waters
In your home, the level of the electric panel board is regulated by a building code and must be a minimum of one foot over a potential flood elevation for your area. If it is not, speak with a licensed electrician or licensed flood damage contractor so they can elevate all your outlets and wiring to the right height.
Is Your Sewage System Prepared?
Having a floating floor drain plug installed helps a flood damaged home when the drain pipe backs up. When flood water enters your sewage system and causes sewage to back up into your home, a back-flow valve needs to be installed. Check with flood damage contractors for any permit restrictions.
Flood Insurance
It is not enough to handle the above flood damage options if you live in an area prone to flooding. These options can minimize the damage to your home, but homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage cleanup and repair, so you need to buy a separate flood damage insurance coverage.
After experiencing a flood in your home, hopefully, you could take all precautions possible. However, at SERVPRO of Catawba County West, we understand that there is still some damage that you need help cleaning up and restoring. So, do not hesitate to give us a call at (828) 322-4400 whenever you find yourself in this situation.

Problems Encountered With Upholstery In Hickory

3/7/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Problems Encountered With Upholstery In Hickory Upholstery is highly sensitive to water damage, and problems can be compounded if treatments are delayed or done ineffectively.

Upholstery And Water Damage

Most American homes have at least some upholstery furniture. Upholstery is highly sensitive to water damage, and problems can be compounded if treatments are delayed or done ineffectively.

SERVPRO acts fast to save and restore time-sensitive objects such as sofas and chairs through our strategy of mitigation, limiting the damage done to the material. However, how does upholstery end up being permanently damaged by water? There are a few ways.

Most sofas with water damage in Hickory have to contend with frames and supports made of wood, which can absorb water and begin to swell in a flood or water damage situation. Wood can then crack easily, destroying the inner skeleton of the furniture. Glue may also break down or be washed off by water, potentially causing collapse under weight if water does not dry up soon enough. This problem can go hand-in-hand with warping and stretch of fabrics, as well, as these may stretch connections and joints further than normal in the furniture body.

Water Spotting
Some fabrics are dry clean only, and when they take uneven water damage, this can lead to major water spotting problems. To combat this, SERVPRO technicians must sometimes fully soak the furniture in water to prevent visible lines from forming during the drying process.

Color Bleed
Avoiding color bleed is usually just a matter of time. Continued exposure to high volumes of water causes the color in many types of fabric to bleed off and blend with carpeting, other materials, and itself to cause serious discoloration in a material. We take extra care not to allow furniture with color bleed to dry before being washed out, as this can cause permanent damage.

SERVPRO of Catawba County West is a local expert on recovering from and restoring damages caused by a flood or water disaster. If your home has taken water damage, call us 24/7 at (828) 322-4400.

Formulating a Plan of Action for Mold Damage in Sweetwater Homes

3/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Formulating a Plan of Action for Mold Damage in Sweetwater Homes Make sure that any signs of mold are properly tested. Call SERVPRO for a quick reply and investigation.

SERVPRO Can Quickly Stop the Spread of Mold in Your Home

After a mold damage remediation team has been called out to a home, there is a lot of action and activity. It can feel a little daunting for customers, but our technicians are on hand to answer any questions.

It is important that repair work gets started quickly because every day without treatment is another day for the mold spores to spread. When dealing with mold damage in Sweetwater homes, we establish a comprehensive schedule for drying and neutralization.

Keep reading to learn about the checks and controls which SERVPRO uses to ensure success, every time.

Working with the Experts

While mold and water damage are very closely related, mold is much harder to remediate. It often requires independent assessment from an outside source. It is not always necessary, but if we do need to consult a mold specialist, the service is an integrated part of our restoration package. All independent experts are fully qualified and accredited.

Searching for Hidden Spores

If there are complicating factors (the damage is extensive or partially concealed), we may need to extend our initial inspection. SERVPRO does not start the drying and restoration process until it is confident that it has detected all sources of moisture. If leaks and intrusions do not get fully repaired, the mold is likely to return, so thoroughness is important.

Repairing the Intrusion Point

The first step is eliminating excess moisture with the use of dehumidifiers, fans, and air scrubbers. Once our tests produce negative readings for water intrusion, we can think about cleaning and disinfect affected surfaces. If the problem is a product of intruding rainwater, the technicians might water test the building envelope. If it is related to a faulty HVAC system, they can find the breach and suggest a solution.

Following Up with Inspections

The thing to remember about mold is that it cannot be made to vanish in the same way as moisture. The spores get neutralized, but they have the potential to reappear if conditions are not kept very clean and dry. Depending on the type of building and severity of the mold, SERVPRO may wish to schedule follow-up inspections. They are designed to ensure that mold patches are not reoccurring and that you know how to deal with future leaks in the right way.

If you need more information on the mold remediation process, get in touch with SERVPRO of Catawba County West. We are a locally based company, and you can count on our technicians for a fast response. Call us 24/7 on (828) 322-4400.

Fast Restoration of Water Damage at Your Fairgrove Hair Salon

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Fast Restoration of Water Damage at Your Fairgrove Hair Salon Our SERVPRO technicians react quickly to your call so that your customers will always see an OPEN sign on your door even if damage has occurred.

SERVPRO Technicians Take the Worry Out of Water Damage Remediation at Your Business Location

Small business owners experience big water damage issues when plumbing leaks or appliances fail. The laundry area in your hair salon experienced significant soaking when the washer overflowed during a load of towels. Extracting the standing water and drying lingering moisture without permanent damage to the sub floor or tiles is SERVPRO’s job, completed swiftly after your initial call.
You are skilled as a hair stylist not as a commercial water damage expert, so calling us for help for your flooded Fairgrove salon is a wise choice. Within hours of your contact, expect one of our technicians to arrive with the training, experience, and equipment to respond to your flooded laundry room. We do our best to manage this kind of water damage without the need for you to close your doors to customers. Pumps and heavy duty extractors remove any standing water completely from the floor.

Then we measure with precision instruments the level of moisture in the walls and flooring. Air movers and dehumidifiers join in the effort, if necessary, positioned properly to reduce the ambient humidity and the wetness of drywall and floor coverings. Achieving proper humidity levels can help avoid secondary damage such as mold growth or warping of tiles and sub floors.
While you deal with the day to day details of running your business, SERVPRO takes over the issues presented by an overflowing washing machine. Water removed and moisture reduced to industry standards, our technician reassesses the laundry room set up. We advise you if the washer needs repairs or the walls or grout require some paint or resealing. Our staff completes the tasks or arranges for another contractor to take them on. A careful inspection of the floor’s integrity, including the proper flow of wastewater to any floor drain, completes the job.
The way we complete our inspection and restoration services allows your hair salon to remain open for business. Teaming with SERVPRO is a smart business move when water damage strikes. No customers needing your services are disappointed and your laundry room is returned to its preloss condition is the best possible outcome.
The call you make to SERVPRO of Catawba County West when your salon laundry room floods swiftly restores your business back to normal. Our operators at (828) 322-4400 schedule a technician or work crew as soon as possible, a response you deserve as a member of our business community.

DIY or Calling A Professional Mold Remediation in Sweetwater- Help Deciding Which Is Best!

1/20/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation DIY or Calling A Professional  Mold Remediation in Sweetwater- Help Deciding Which Is Best! SERVPRO Removes Mold from HVAC Systems in Sweetwater

The Safe Option Is to Always Call SERVPRO

Facing a mold situation in your home and trying to decide whether you should attempt to perform the repairs yourself or call in a professional? Here is some helpful information to help you choose.

The size of the problem and the amount of mold damage that exists in your Sweetwater home has a severe impact on whether you should try performing repairs yourself. If the moldy area is less than 10 square feet, it may be possible for you to conduct the mediation.
However, if you face an infected area that is larger than ten sq ft, you should consider hiring a contractor like SERVPRO to perform the mold damage restoration. Regardless of whom you choose, they should be skilled in using EPA, ACGIH, and other governmental organizational guidelines when handling a mold infestation.
If you think that your ventilation system is contaminated, or if it identifies as the moisture source for your infestation, you should avoid running your HVAC system and contact professionally trained technicians to handle the situation. Without a call to a company like SERVPRO, you could spread mold throughout the building, exposing other previously uncontaminated areas to the infestation.
When your mold damage situation is the result of sewage or flood water intrusion, you need to contact a professional company to perform the services you require; this will help you and the occupants of your home avoid possible hazards that may exist. You are welcome to contact our expertly trained staff at SERVPRO for answers to any of your questions before requesting service.
Meanwhile, if you insist on performing your remediation yourself, you should know the proper steps to take to address the issues that you may face.
1.) Ensure your safety and the safety of any occupants of your property by turning off the electricity to the affected area.
2.) Locate and repair the source of moisture involved in your situation.
3.) Properly contain the affected area from the rest of the building before beginning work.
4.) Scrub any mold found on hard surfaces with water, detergent combination and thoroughly dry the area after cleaning.
5.) Handle the removal and disposal of heavily infected absorbent or porous materials appropriately.
6.) Avoid exposing yourself or others to mold by wearing the appropriate protective equipment.
7.) Make sure that you clean all surfaces before applying paint or caulking.
8.) If you are unsure about the appropriate way to clean an item, or if you have a sentimental item you want to recover safely, contact a professional service immediately. After reading this list, and considering the difficulties involved with mold remediation, call us for help.
Contact SERVPRO of Catawba County West. (828) 322-4400