Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Damage – Hickory Home

Mold damage at this Hickory home was the result of a leaking pipe within the walls. The area affected had been concealed by a large piece of furniture which all... READ MORE

Hickory Fire Destroyed Kitchen

A demolition of the ceiling, wall cabinets, and back wall initiated the fire damage cleanup of this Hickory home. The oven literally exploded shooting out flame... READ MORE

Brookford Second Floor Water Damage

The water damaged the second floor of this home in Brookford, and the flow of water down the staircase warped and weakened the not only the surface wood but als... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Hickory Restroom

Commercial water damage was experienced at this Hickory office building when vandals plugged up the sinks in a public restroom and left the water running. The s... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Hickory Business

Water damage from raging storms packing high winds shut down this Hickory business facility. You can see that we had the daunting task of cleaning up the water ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – St. Stephens Bedroom

Mold Damage in this St. Stephens bedroom of a vacant home began with water damage. Then aided by darkness and time this household mold infestation grew signific... READ MORE

Brookford Home Suffers Water Damage

A stopped up air conditioning unit caused flood damage at this Brookford home. Flooding began in the hallway and kitchen of the home. There was considerable wat... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Bandys Kitchen

Fire damage in this Bandys Kitchen appeared unfixable. The homeowners were discouraged. We were called to assess the damage the morning after the fire. We devel... READ MORE

A Storms Hits Mountainview with Heavy Rains

After the heavy rains had stopped, a layer of water covered the floor in several rooms of a house in Mountainview home during a large renovation project. Using ... READ MORE

Water Damage Caused by Claremont Kitchen Ice Maker

Water damage at this Claremont home was the result of a failed compression fitting on the water feed to the ice maker. Water line breaks such as this are common... READ MORE